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> Any reason why you do omit mentioning these important facts in the issue ?

Both in the title of this issue and that PR, I mention "NDK r14 beta 2". I'm not sure what you're referring to. On IRC, irker states the title first and then the comment content. I believe people will read the title first to determine whether they're interested or not. On email notifications of b.p.o and Github updates, the title is used as the email subject, so people can determine whether they want to see this email fast.

> Maybe you think that Stephan, Victor and the other readers are aware of this ?

As explained above, I've already stated "beta" clearly

> What about the time they waste reading this issue and your PR when this issue does not make sense with the NDK we are using (NDK r13) and is just a waste of time now ?

For me, reading the title takes a few seconds. If a developer thinks there's no need to support beta platforms, they can just ignore it.

> Why do you publish a PR ?

This is a real issue. Usually NDK beta 2 is almost identical to the final release. For me it's good to fix things as soon as possible. There are some other examples for beta toolchains like issue1465, issue27806 or issue27596.

If you think issues on beta should be postponed until the final release, I can keep my patches locally and submit them later.
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