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Author Natanael Copa
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Date 2017-02-17.15:39:39
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cpython bundles expat in Modules/expat/ and needs to be updated to expat-2.2.0 to fix various security vulnerabilities.

21 June 2016, Expat 2.2.0 released.
Release 2.2.0 includes security & other bug fixes.

Security fixes

CVE-2016-0718 (issue 537)
Fix crash on malformed input

Improve insufficient fix to CVE-2015-1283 / CVE-2015-2716 introduced with Expat 2.1.1

CVE-2016-5300 (issue 499)
Use more entropy for hash initialization than the original fix to CVE-2012-0876

CVE-2012-6702 (issue 519)
Resolve troublesome internal call to srand that was introduced with Expat 2.1.0 when addressing CVE-2012-0876 (issue 496)

Fix should be applied to all maintained python branches.
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