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Date 2017-02-17.13:20:56
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Thanks, but I know how to drive a terminal ;)

Your hunch was basically correct though.  I ran again with `python -v -m pip` (see with_pip_dir.txt), and see that python is attempting to import pip from my user directory (C:\Users\amc2\pip).  This is an empty directory, except for an old pip log file from 2.7.

If I rename the directory to something unrelated, `python -m pip` just fails with:

C:\Python\Python35-32\python.exe: No module named pip.

So mystery 1 is solved.

I've definitely selected the pip option in the python installer.  I also repaired the installation, with the pip option selected, and the error still remains.
Where is pip supposed to be located on a win7 install?
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