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Thank you for the analysis, Eryk Sun.

You wrote, "the interpreter is correctly conveying that it's still tokenizing the input; it hasn't compiled or executed any code." I think one important question for this issue is, what meaning should the choice of prompt convey?  That breaks down into, 1. what meaning does the user believe it conveys, and 2. what meaning does the present behaviour of the code imply?

"it's still tokenizing the input" translates to a meaning, sys.ps1 indicates the interpreter just finished executing and has no input, while sys.ps2 indicates the interpreter is tokenizing input and awaiting a chance to execute.

I think my intuition is, and the bash shell's behaviour says, sys.ps1 indicates the interpreter is ready to start a new statement, and sys.ps2 indicates the interpreter is in the midst of a compound statement.
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