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Florent Gallaire: Since Python 3.0 was released in 2008, new features are no more accepted in Python 2 (Python 2.7, the last release of Python 2). It's a deliberate choice, mostly motivated by the lack of CPython developers. See also the PEP 404.

I'm only talking about Python core and its builtin stdlib: it became very easy to extend Python with third party modules. We even added ensurepip to Python 2.7.9, even if we didn't want to add new features to Python 2. So just create a module on PyPI as you did, make it working on Python 2.7+ and you are done ;-)

In 2016, INADA Naoki and Xiang Zhang got promoted to Python core developers: Naoki is japanese and Xiang is chinese. Maybe they would help on CJK issues.

Please remind that Python core developers are volunteers contributing to Python in their free time.

Have a nice day :-)
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