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Date 2017-02-11.15:16:52
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The documentation on the hash randomization says that date, time and datetime have a hash based on strings, that is therefore nondeterministic in several runs of Python.  I may either be missing a caveat, or the actual implementation does not follow its promise in case a timezone is attached to the datetime or time object:

~/svn/python/3.7-debug/python -c "import datetime;print(hash(d                      atetime.datetime(2016,10,10,0,0,0,0,datetime.timezone(datetime.timedelta(0, 36000)))))"
(this gives -6021186165085109055 all the time)

~/svn/python/3.7-debug/python -c "import datetime;print(hash(datetime.time(0,0,0,0, datetime.timezone(datetime.timedelta(0, 36000)))))"
(this gives -3850122659820237607 all the time)
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