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While restarting didn't fix it, waiting for the next morning did, so I am
afraid that that isn't possible, also, I have made tremendous changes to my
code since then, but I would by happy to send you any bit of my code that
you would like, it cold also be an issue with my computer, our IT
department is very work heavy and doesn't always install the operating
system properly (ie. not installing the driver for the touchpad)

On Feb 10, 2017 4:53 AM, "Steven D'Aprano" <> wrote:

> Steven D'Aprano added the comment:
> I agree with Josh: the exception you are giving doesn't seem possible with
> the code snippet shown. Please COPY AND PASTE (not a screen shot) the text
> of the entire traceback, starting with the line "Traceback..."
> I suspect that you may have shadowed the built-in range or len object with
> some custom object, but I could be completely wrong. But without more
> information, we cannot tell what is going on.
> It would be really useful if you could provide a minimal (short as
> possible) script that reproduces the problem. And please confirm that you
> can reproduce the problem in the regular CPython interpreter, without using
> any third-party IDEs.
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