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Date 2017-02-10.11:13:18
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I'm in favor of allowing to build a "subset" of Python. Not only it makes sense for embedded devices, but in many cases it's even not possible to do otherwise: "full" Python is too big for small devices.

But I would prefer to see a public discussion on python-dev before going into this direction.

The previous attempt failed because some core developers were opposed to support officially a "subset of Python". But since this previous discussion (two years ago? longer?), MicroPython became popular, and this implementation of Python has a small subset of the stdlib (but it supports asyncio ;-)) Maybe it's time for a new attempt :-) Oh, and the meanwhile we also made progress on the Android port, which is now an important platform.

In short, I would like to official support Python subsets ;-) At least, add options for that.
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