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Date 2017-02-02.10:57:05
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-    if (PyObject_GetBuffer(input, &vbuf, PyBUF_SIMPLE) < 0)
-        return NULL;

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention a subtle change. PyObject_GetBuffer(PyBUF_SIMPLE) is less strict that PyArg_Parse("y#") / "buffer" converter of Argument Clinic: getargs.c also checks that the buffer is contiguous, extract of getbuffer():

    if (!PyBuffer_IsContiguous(view, 'C')) {
        *errmsg = "contiguous buffer";
        return -1;

I don't know well the buffer protocol. I don't know any object which provide a non-contiguous buffer. At least, I can say that the last time I looked at this dark part of Python, the documentation was between tiny and non-existent :-/ The buffer protocol is complex but not well documented :-(
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