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Date 2017-02-01.16:36:30
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Recently, I saw complains that I push changes too fast without reviews. This issue is a good example. So let me elaborate myself a little bit on these changes.

I'm not really proud of the "Rename _PyArg_ParseStack to _PyArg_ParseStackAndKeywords" change. It should be called _PyArg_ParseStackAndKeywords() from the beginning, but when I designed FASTCALL, my plan was to only check arguments (positional and keyword arguments) in the callee, and remove checks in the caller. I expected that all functions will get positional + keyword arguments.

I didn't know that not accepting keywords but only positional arguments like in str.replace(), was a deliberate language design choice.

So yes, for functions accepting only positional arguments, _PyArg_ParseStack() + _PyArg_NoStackKeywords() makes sense.

IMHO the implementation of the new _PyArg_ParseStack() and _PyArg_NoStackKeywords() functions was simple enough to avoid a review, they reuse existing code with minimum changes.

In general for FASTCALL, I only add private functions. I consider that it's ok to push code quickly, since the private property allows us to change these functions anytime.

Again, I consider that the "Argument Clinic: Use METH_FASTCALL for positionals" change is simple enough to avoid a review, I don't think that they are many ways to use FASTCALL for functions using positional-only parameters. I mean, I only see a single way to implement it. Again, if someone sees a new way to handle such parameters, we can change it anytime, Argument Clinic and FASTCALL are stil private.

More generally, FASTCALL requires a lot of tiny changes everywhere.

GitHub will allow to get reviews on long patch series. It will be easier to handle large changes.
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