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> We have already Constant and NameConstant.  So it seems there are no need for
> None, Bool, TupleConst, SetConst nodes.
Yes, Constant is Victor's version of Lit.

> I think converting Num, Str, Bytes, Ellipsis into Constant in folding stage
> is easier than fixing all tests.
Fixing tests was fairly easy the last time. I think the question is what changes to the public API of AST are acceptable.

> Take docstring before constant folding isn't enough?
> (I'm sorry if I'm wrong.  I haven't tried it yet.)
It may be doable, but seems very messy. Instead of a clean pipeline text -> AST -> Optimized AST -> bytecode, you have to collect all docstrings, and pass them around in a side structure.

With the current code there can be a simple fix. If original string literals are Str, but constant-folded string constants are Constant, only treat Strs as docstrings. Then the optimizer needs a change to always preserve Str as a first statement in a function/module, and that's it.
I still think that having a dedicated docstring attribute in AST is cleaner, though.

> They are all NameConstant already.
Keep in mind this patch is 6 years old :)
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