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I came across a StackOverflow question that apparently turned up a bug in Tk itself with regards to Spinboxes on Windows Aero themes.  The question is here:

And I did a deep-dive of the issue here as the accepted answer:

This led to someone from Tk noticing, and they patched the bug in Tk upstream in this commit:

I do not know if that commit is in a current Tk release (doubtful).  Could you guys look at picking it up for the next Python 2.7/3.x release?  It only affects Windows platforms using Aero.  Classic mode spinboxes or other Tk themes (e.g., clam) are unaffected.

It'd also be awesome if Tk-8.6 could go into the next Python 2.7 release under Windows.  That has PNG support for Tk's PhotoImage class, which would make working with icons and transparency a *lot* easier.
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