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Author rhettinger
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Date 2017-01-31.03:22:14
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It looks like everyone is happy and the patch is ready for Mariatta to apply.

The procedure is:
 $ hg pull -u
 $ hg diff                      # Verify it has only your intended patch
 $ hg update 3.6
 $ cd Doc
 $ make html
 $ open build/html/index.html   # Now review generated HTML
 $ hg commit -m "Issue #29381: Clarify ordering of UNIX shebang line as source encoding line"
 $ hg update default
 $ hg merge 3.6
 $ hg diff                      # Verify it has only your intended patch
 $ hg commit -m "merge"
 $ hg push

Then return to this issue, verify the bot has posted the commit.

Write a comment thanking the OP and reviewers.  Then mark the status as "closed" and resolution as "fixed".
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