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In order for the patches to work for every Python version (see #msg284622 ), I added a new feature to the Sphinx doctest extension, called pyversion. Starting from Sphinx 1.6, it will be possible to specify the Python version in order for the example to be tested. For instance, if I run the doctests with Python 3.3, then this test will be skipped:

.. doctest::
    :pyversion: > 3.4

    # Code example

It will be tested only when Sphinx is running on Python > 3.4. My question is: what about using this feature in the patches? I am asking this because Sphinx 1.6 will be released in about 7-10 months, so until then, if we want to use the :pyversion: feature we have to build the documentation using the master version of Sphinx. Please, let me know
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