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Just to add my comment to this 7-years-old never-resolved issue: in PyPy 3.5, which behaves like Python 3.x in this respect, I made the following constructions give a warning.

    def wrong_listcomp():
        return [(yield 42) for i in j]
    def wrong_gencomp():
        return ((yield 42) for i in j)
    def wrong_dictcomp():
        return {(yield 42):2 for i in j}
    def wrong_setcomp():
        return {(yield 42) for i in j}

SyntaxWarning: 'yield' inside a list or generator comprehension behaves unexpectedly (

The motivation is that none of the constructions above gives the "expected" result.  In more details:

- wrong_listcomp() doesn't even return a list at all.  It's possible to have a clue about why this occurs, but I would say that it is just plain wrong given the ``return [...]`` part of the syntax.  The same is true for wrong_dictcomp() and wrong_setcomp().

- wrong_gencomp() returns a generator as expected.  However, it is a generator that yields two elements for each i in j: first 42, and then whatever was ``send()`` into the generator.  I would say that it is in contradiction with the general idea that this syntax should give a generator that yields one item for each i in j.  In fact, when the user writes such code he might be expecting the "yield" to apply to the function level instead of the genexpr level---but none of the functions above end up being themselves generators.

For completeness, I think there is no problem with "await" instead of "yield" in Python 3.6.

How about fixing CPython to raise SyntaxWarning or even SyntaxError?
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