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Date 2017-01-24.17:17:02
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On 24.01.2017 16:47, Eric N. Vander Weele wrote:
> I have a (large) patch that completely eliminates the need for ld_so_aix and makeexp_aix.  I've applied and been using this with for Python 2.7 and 3.5+, but I still need to go back and validate the tests to ensure everything passes as expected.
> It's still a work in progress, but the patch can be found at

Hmm, the patch seems to be incomplete, as it just removes
all the AIX support scripts and mentions, without adding
anything new to accommodate for the removal.

Please note that building with both xlc_r and gcc needs to
be supported.

> If this is out of context for this particular issue, I'm happy to raise a new issue to have a focus discussion about potentially landing this.  Ignore changes for README.AIX since I am addressing that in issue28845.

Please open a new issue for this to discuss this change there.

> I believe if we can eliminate the wrapper scripts, it will simplify the build and linking for AIX for the interpreter and C-extension modules.

Sure, if that's possible. The scripts are rather old and AIX
has moved on since those days.

FWIW: They still do work without any problems, provided the
Makefile and distutils can find them.
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