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Date 2017-01-23.21:56:27
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You guys are the experts. I can only comment on what I see. IMHO: the file is more accurate with nothing in it.

I am clearly confused by whatever process this is. If you believe it is more accurate to have the BLD variable 'inaccurate' in this file - and that we just need to "believe" that it has the correct value during the build (which, starting with version 2.7.13 seems to be the case, as I am able to build in a different directory - and could not do this with version 2.7.10 (first time I tried using separate directories).

In short, I have no expert opinion on this. My naive view is that both variables being accurate in the file is more accurate. In any case, the patch is needed for a working and integration with something such as "pip build ...". Only after I learned about 'pip' did I ever run into this, i.e., only people who are trying to install something extra have issues here. I have been 'patching' manually so that things work normally.

I hope my feedback helps you move forward on this.
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