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I found a bug that causes incorrect handling of some values of "Content-Type" header. When you retrieve any URL with "Content-Type: message/rfc822" header, additional payload is added to HTTPMessage. In some cases it causes annoing warnings. Here is a code from packages requests and urllib3 that can cause warning output:
1. Checking and raising excpection in urllib3:
2. The same code packaged in requests:
3. Logging the error to output:

The issue arises from the class email.feedparser.FeedParser that handles HTTP and email headers in the same way. So when it handles headers with the message with content-type "message/*" and some other, method _parsegen() tries to parse it like a message with another message (see comments to this condition: If headers-only argument is set to True, we can avoid some redundant checks on HTTP headers (see this condition:

I read the comment above ( but I am a newbie and I don't see any other solution to my problem for now. I can rewrite the patch if you show me a better way to fix this issue.

A patch with the unit test is atached.
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