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Date 2017-01-20.16:38:17
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There are patches based on modules_issue20186.patch that convert to Argument 
Clinic 4 modules: _csv, _lsprof, _tracemalloc and symtable. They are 
synchronized with current sources and updated to current Argument Clinic. 
Other changes:

* Addressed Larry's comments.

* Used converter names instead of format units (object instead of 'O' etc).

* Removed unneeded self declarations in _lsprof.

* Removed changes for _csv.Dialect.__new__. Generated signature has None as 
default values, but this is not true. Actually parameters don't have default 
values. This function can't be converted.

* Parameters of _lsprof.Profiler.enable should have the int converter, not 
bool. Default values are -1 (meaning "don't change current value"), not True.

* Made the parameter of _tracemalloc._get_object_traceback() positional-only.

* Simplified code for creating a result in _traceback functions.
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