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D.get(key[, default]) -> D[key] if key in D, else default.

There is no big problem with that. D is defined at the start. The only thing I would have suggested is avoid using square brackets to mean two things in the one expression. Since it is no longer the signature, calling with both parameters should be okay:

get($self, key, default=None, /)
D.get(key, default) -> D[key] if key in D, else default.

However the other method no longer defines D:

setdefault($self, key, default=None, /)
D.get(key,default), also set D[key]=default if key not in D.

You could restore the initial text as “D.setdefault(key,default) ->”, or maybe rewrite it like

“Like get(), but also insert the default value if it is missing.”
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