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> Regarding reopening Issue 10656, whatever you think is more appropriate. 

Not "scary", just irritating. I'll open a new one when I have more time to document it.

> Issue 16189 and Issue 25825 were about updating to match recent changes to directory names, and I thought we decided the changes were not applicable to 2.7.

My bad. I was looking at the subject titles (cannot load ld_so_aix, cannot build external modules). I'll focus on the 'patch' you mention below. As it stands, I have no idea how to determine if they have any relevance to anything...

> Regarding LDSHARED vs BLDSHARED, isn’t this the same as Issue 28311, which lead to Issue 18235? 

> If you can try the patch I mentioned at <>, I suspect it may help.

Will do.
> Let me know if you need help adapting the patch for 2.7.
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