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Re blog post "Why are there so many Python installers?"

> As a result, the old installer always requires administrative privileges just in case you choose to install for all users. This prevents installation of Python on machines where you do not have full control over the system.

So not true. Read the first command I used, that doesn't require any permission at all. I was able to install Python without any registry or P&F stuff at "Guest" account in an internet cafe where you couldn't even throw stuff to the Trash with the same MSI installer. Notice the "/a" switch, not "/i" (install).

Secondly, I'm glad for the change, but the installer is still in an imperfect shape - leaves traces. That makes you able to use only a single version (as mentioned before). Unless, of course, you don't want to copy&paste the whole folder, which although works is also stupid and still requires at least one successful installation with traces in the system.

> Always requires administrator privileges <-- no
Only allows installation for all users <-- no
Only allows configuration at the command line (via msiexec) <-- not sure what the "configuration" means in this context
Prevents the executable installer from installing for all users <-- I didn't really use that, but... what? Seems weird. Have you tried with "/a ALLUSERS=1"? It should purge the elevation.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with the issue, because what I'm talking about are MSIs that are _extracted_ from the current EXE installer via "/layout" switch. There comes the problem - you can't install from those MSIs (not directly, but probably works with EXE as a casual python installation - I don't want that), because the MSIs are ***corrupted*** in some weird way, probably some debug command is called together with the "/layout" judging from the "-d" string in the filenames - useful only for debugging the inside of the MSIs, otherwise completely unusable. Please, just try to do what I wrote to see what's actually going on.

If there is any way how to fix the "/layout" to unpack correctly, ++ for the new installer. Otherwise, although the EXE has a lot of features I use for system-wide interpreter, I hate the change.
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