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Author Thane Brimhall
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Date 2017-01-11.01:31:32
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When using the cProfile and pstats modules, I often forget which string keys are available for sorting. It would be nice to add an enum for these so a user could have their linter and IDE check that value pre-runtime.

By subclassing both `str` and `Enum` this proposal would be backwards-compatible with all existing code.

The patch for such a change would be trivial:

1. Add a new Sort class to the pstats module:

class Sort(str, enum.Enum):
    calls = 'calls'  # call count
    cumulative = 'cumulative'  # cumulative time
    cumtime = 'cumtime'  # cumulative time
    file = 'file'  # file name
    filename = 'filename'  # file name
    module = 'module'  # file name
    ncalls = 'ncalls'  # call count
    pcalls = 'pcalls'  # primitive call count
    line = 'line'  # line number
    name = 'name'  # function name
    nfl = 'nfl'  # name/file/line
    stdname = 'stdname'  # standard name
    time = 'time'  # internal time
    tottime = 'tottime'  # internal time

2. Change the print_stats method signature on the profiler base and subclasses to look like this:

def print_stats(self, sort: Sort=Sort.stdname):

Optionally, you could build the Sort enum like below to remove redundant options and increase explicitness:

class Sort(str, enum.Enum):
    call_count = 'calls'
    cumulative_time = 'cumulative'
    filename = 'filename'
    primitive_call_count = 'pcalls'
    line_number = 'line'
    function_name = 'name'
    name_file_line = 'nfl'
    standard_name = 'stdname'
    internal_time = 'time'
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