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Date 2017-01-07.22:17:02
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I would prefer to commit Chris’s fix for BSDs (Issue 26228) with a regression test. I can explain in the commit message who contributed to which part, or do two separate commits if you prefer. But the point is to add the test with the fix. I’m not going to commit the test on its own, because we know it will fail.

Even in Lib/test/, it looks like the two patches will collide. I was hoping you could combine the patches, or supply a set of patches that are tested and compatible. I don’t have OS X or BSD so I have to rely on you and the buildbots to confirm that a patch doesn’t break any tests.

I haven’t looked too closely regarding the slow tests, but another option is use the “cpu” resource to mark the test as being slow.

I realized that PtyWhiteBoxIntegrationTermiosTest is a reasonable test for the termios module, so it is beneficial. Though it may have been simpler to write it using pty.openpty(), avoiding an extra thread that just copies data between other threads.
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