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random-py35.patch: Patch for the 3.5 branch. My prepared commit message:
Issue #29157: Prefer getrandom() over getentropy()

Copy and then adapt Python/random.c from default branch. Difference between 3.5
and default branches:

* Python 3.5 only uses getrandom() in non-blocking mode: flags=GRND_NONBLOCK
* If getrandom() fails with EAGAIN: py_getrandom() immediately fails and
  remembers that getrandom() doesn't work.
* Python 3.5 has no _PyOS_URandomNonblock() function: _PyOS_URandom()
  works in non-blocking mode on Python 3.5

It seems like Python 3.5 is close to a release, I prefer to wait after the release to fix this issue. I don't think that many Linux distributions are affected, since the issue only occurs with glibc 2.24 which is very recent.

@Larry: Do you want this change in Python 3.5.3? The change is quite large.
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