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Date 2017-01-06.22:51:51
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I dislike adding a lpAttributeList attribute: it's too close to the exact implementation of Windows may change in the future. I would prefer a more high level API.

Since the only known use case today is to pass handles, I propose to focus on this use case: add a new pass_handles parameter to Popen, similar to pass_fds.

I see that your patch is able to set close_fds to True on Windows: great job! It would be a great achievement to finally fix this last known race condition of subprocess on Windows!

So thank you for working on this!

> As for pass_fds: as you noted, it has it's own share of complexities and issues and I think it's best to leave it to a separate patch/issue.

pass_fds would be "nice to have", but I prefer to stick first to the native and well supported handles on Windows. For me, using file descriptors on Windows is more a "hack" to be able to write code working on Windows and UNIX, but since it's not natively supported on Windows, it comes with own set of issues.

IMHO it's better supported to work on handles.
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