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Date 2017-01-05.19:17:35
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Sorry, I still don't understand the role of OverflowError.

With respect to my earlier suggestion that buffer protocol should have priority over __index__, note that the documentation implies the same order:

>>> help(bytes)

class bytes(object)
 |  bytes(iterable_of_ints) -> bytes
 |  bytes(string, encoding[, errors]) -> bytes
 |  bytes(bytes_or_buffer) -> immutable copy of bytes_or_buffer
 |  bytes(int) -> bytes object of size given by the parameter initialized with null bytes
 |  bytes() -> empty bytes object
 |  Construct an immutable array of bytes from:
 |    - an iterable yielding integers in range(256)
 |    - a text string encoded using the specified encoding
 |    - any object implementing the buffer API.
 |    - an integer
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