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I did not add the doctest directive on purpose. In fact, if in the future we start running the doctests with buildbot (see issue27200), the tests related to this issue will pass only for Python >= 3.6. If we _currently_ want the doctests to pass for every Python version, I see only two solutions:

1) we do not have to doctest the example, as I did in issue29133_2nd.patch
2) we have to apply two patches, one with doctests (for the doc to be tested with Python >= 3.6), and another one without doctests (for the doc to be tested with Python < 3.6).

I think the best solution is to add an option to the doctest directive, that allows us to specify for which Python version the tests have to be run:

I would like the commiters to give a feedback about this, because if they think  this solution is doable, then I will spend the time to work on the Sphinx issue.
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