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Author Michael.Felt
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Date 2017-01-03.13:21:21
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I request that you review issue27435 - in particular msg284557 - as I feel ctypes implementation for AIX is broken - at least as far as the supporting routines are concerned.

When you know the "magic" one can call ctypes.CDLL() and it 'works'. ctypes.util.find_library() always returns None (maybe it works if a stack of GNU tools are also loaded, but not on a 'generic' AIX install)

ctypes.LibraryLoader() is always successful (i.e., no Traceback) but I am (personally) unsure of the actual return value. It feels like a false positive.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

p.s. - a "fix/patch" is nearly accepted for Python3.7 (see issue26439) - needs more for the docs - however, I feel is is a great short-coming to limit this to versions that are yet to come!
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