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Hi Ezio, thanks for your time :) The +SKIP option and the testsetup and teardown directives are not visible in the output. The only extra code in the output is sorted(). I agree with you about the use of sorted(), and I think we do not have to add extra code just to make the example passes. But as you can see in issue28860, I was asked to add it. Before going on, I think we should have a clear policy about it.

I also think the examples are there do document, but I believe there are good reasons to test them. In fact, unittests and doctests have complete diffent purposes: the goal of doctests is to verify the examples work properly, that's all. An example could be wrong also if all the related unittests pass and it is still updated: there could be a typo in the code or in the output, a missing import, and other kind of errors or lacks that make the example not working, getting confused the reader. Unluckily there is not just the downside you pointed out :/

Ok to break the patch in more patches, but I did not get if you want me to open a new issue for each patch, or attach all the patches here in this issue. Thanks again
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