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Date 2017-01-02.04:40:02
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> IIRC, ANSI is somewhat incompatible with sending random binary gibberish to the screen, as people accidentally do with TYPE sometimes :) But the random binary gibberish may contain ANSI control sequences... That's why I'm negative on making it a default.

I don't actually know how big a deal this would be. I seem to get identical results from "print(''.join(chr(x) for x in range(32)))" both with and without the VT100 flag set, though of course "print('\033[91m')" behaves differently.

But given "on by default" isn't popular, and "off by default" implies adding new public API that is already available either as a short ctypes snippet or a number of 3rd-party libraries, I think we should consider this rejected.

For future reference, the python-ideas thread starts with
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