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Again, this is not a distutils bug and it has already been reported to the setuptools maintainers:

Quoting from the original report:

> Currently setuptools.dist.Distribution passes the unfiltered collection
> of keyword arguments up to distutils.core.Distribution. This results in
> lots of scary looking "UserWarning" messages when you actually use the
> setuptools-only options

and see also:

> It also makes it look like you're calling distutils rather than setuptools,
> since the stack trace (showing that this is a call up into setuptools)
> isn't visible.

The setuptools maintainer replied (which he also maintains distutils):

> Indeed, setuptools just passes the attributes through directly through to Distribution. [...]

And by the way, I saw your own report while doing a research on this. Quoting from

> [...] So that way setuptools can fix this bug as the standard library devs
> that manage distutils are too lazy to fix it themselves.

Next time I suggest you to do a better research before starting to blame the core developers.
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