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> Perhaps the sentence about a tuple pointing to a mutable could be tightened up, though, by saying that if a tuple points to something that can not itself be a dictionary key, then that tuple can not be a dictionary key.

That would be great.  Thank you.

> I feel assuming early part of tutorial as final word bad practice.

Alright.  If that's how both of you feel, then it can't be helped.

But if that's how it is, then maybe it would be a good idea to make the tutorial more distinct?  Right now, the only way I can tell Google has landed me on a tutorial page as opposed to a reference page is the word "tutorial" in the URL and in small print at the very top of the page.  They're styled similarly.  I never even realized they were separate things until today (let alone that one of them must be read skeptically).

Sorry to take up your time.  Thanks for listening.
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