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Author Cornelius Diekmann
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Date 2016-12-25.16:43:44
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As Martin Panter noted, "it doesn’t look like pty.spawn() is tested at all" [issue26228]. So I wrote some very basic integration tests for pty.spawn.

They work perfectly on my Linux machine. Line 4 of the library module under test ( states: "Only tested on Linux." I don't like this comment ;-)

There are two possibilities how to proceed from here:
1) The tests work perfectly on all other platforms: then we can remove this comment from
2) The tests fail on other platforms: then we can finally document where this module is expected to work and where not.

In either case, I need some help by non-Linux users to run theses tests and document their success/failure and whether we have a bug on the specific platform (i.e. pty.spawn should work but does not) or whether the tests should be skipped (i.e. platform does not support ptys at all).

It would be really awesome if some *BSD and Windows users would join the nosy list :-)

Happy Holidays!
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