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Date 2016-12-24.19:32:13
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OK, for now. Let's disregard my idea that stderr is swallowed. At some
point these test might have worked under coverage.

I was more thinking to bisect cpython. Perhaps i can find a revision that


Den 24 dec 2016 20:26 skrev "Ned Batchelder" <>:

> Ned Batchelder added the comment:
> I don't believe this is's fault, so I don't have an answer to
> your question.  There is no revision of that *does* swallow
> stderr.  Also, as you can see from the test output, it isn't swallowed,
> it's not being captured where it should be captured, but it is appearing on
> the terminal.  I see more than 60 uses of captured_stderr in the Python
> test suite. If were swallowing stderr, I would expect dozens of
> test failures.  The problem is more subtle.
> If you want, you can bisect against any revision of you like,
> perhaps the released 4.2?
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