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android-ndk-r14 introduces "Unified Headers" [1] and is planned to be released late january/early february 2017 [2].

__ANDROID_API__ is not anymore defined in 'android/api-level.h' that is currently included by Include/pyport.h, and is passed instead with -D__ANDROID_API__=$API when compiling. And 'android/api-level.h' is now used to set the API level to 10000 as a Magic version number for a current development build when __ANDROID_API__ is not defined (see attached file).

Adoption of android-ndk-r14 should be made with the following changes:
* Remove the include of <android/api-level.h> in Include/pyport.h.
* Update to abort when __ANDROID__ is defined and __ANDROID_API__ is not defined.
* Revert the changes made in issues #28538 and #28762, android-ndk-r14 fixes the problems raised in these two issues.

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