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Date 2016-12-19.19:02:43
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Hi all,

@David, the "Resent-" block should be added by the user and he needs to know what he's doing.  Hell, I work with emails all the time and never knew about this.  The Worse part of it is that I have to communicate with the IETF just to know how we can do the rules... that doesn't mean another programmer didn't interpret it wrong...

@Henning, this is my first contribution :P  I've just been brain-washed by Raymond Hettinger and his beautifuls speechs.  I suggest (no shame plug) you look at the first 5-6 videos of the following link if you got free time.

I've received his "call to arms" ; 

David, I said the API was awkward because of what is mention in this latest link.  I really believe we ought to change it ASAP if it's possible at all and make it more like sendmail... that's only an opinion though.

Finally, Could I know how to modify the Doc of the Python2 ? 
Eric Lafontaine

- Implement a patch for the code to add a missing "Date" field if it doesn't exist .   (in review)
- Modify the documentation at the SMTPLib for the send_message to mention that it add missing date using the email.utils.formatdate (in review)
- Modify the comment of the send_message code to mention RFC 5322 in there (ideally with the section of the RFC).  (in review)
- Modify the example of Python 2 to present a RFC 5322 examples
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