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Date 2016-12-15.13:42:34
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I'm back on this issue with a minimal patch, and a longer motivation.

Distutils does not support Visual C++ for Python compiler, but it could, with a one-line patch.

The proposed workaround is to use `setuptools`. But, we are not alone in this World, am I supposed to fork each third party package still using `distutils` and upgrade them to `setuptools`?

No, someone will say, you can "simply" `import setuptools`, and it will monkey-patch `distutils` adding the support for VS for Python.

1) this is implicit, very very against the Python Zen
2) the modifications are not limited and back-compatible. Some packages, say `sip` from `PyQt`, are broken simply adding this `import setuptools`, and other are too.

That said, I think this minimal patch to the `find_vcvarsall` code, can save a lot of time to every Python 2.7 users, time I see better spent upgrading to Python 3.

Sorry for the rant-mode, but I very liked Python, and I still like Python more than other languages, but I don't think that providing half broken solutions and very limited support to all the developer still running Python 2.7 in some big old project is a good strategy to push people to Python 3.

Python 3 is already a better language, but Python as a language can be a better language only if Python 2.7 will be a first class citizen till 2020.
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