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Date 2016-12-15.09:40:18
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Ned: "If so, can someone please review it?"


Ned: "I am very reluctant to delay now for an issue that has been open now for 3 months throughout the beta phase of the release cycle.  If enough people feel we should delay 3.6.0 to address this, we can."

The bug was seen as minor and I didn't expect that anyone would notice it.

Wenzel Jakob wrote "RSS goes to 43MB to 4.3GB": for me, it's a major regression, and it's not possible to work around it. With such bug, Python 3.6 is unusable on such application (pybind11). I easily imagine that such memory leak is a blocker issue for a server running for days.

I now consider that Python 3.6.0 must not be released with such blocker issue.
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