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Date 2016-12-15.08:41:36
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It appears this issue has stalled again.  Is the most recent patch fix28147-py36-2.patch) ready for review?  If so, can someone please review it?  Then it needs to be pushed to the 3.6 branch for 3.6.1 and exposed to the buildbots.  Only then could we consider cherrypicking for 3.6.0 and a change of the magnitude in the patch would require at least another preview release and delay 3.6.0 final. 3.6.0 is scheduled to be released tomorrow. I am very reluctant to delay now for an issue that has been open now for 3 months throughout the beta phase of the release cycle.  If enough people feel we should delay 3.6.0 to address this, we can.  But without a fix reviewed and committed and without more feedback from other core developers, 3.6.0 is going out without it.  @inada.naoki ? @haypo ? @serhiy.storchaka ?  Others?
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