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Date 2016-12-14.21:52:09
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Originally PEP 3101 defined the default __format__ implementation, object.__format__ as

     def __format__(self, format_spec):
         return format(str(self), format_spec)

After few changes (issue7994, issue28385) it now looks as

     def __format__(self, format_spec):
         assert format_spec == ''
         return format(str(self), '')

Proposed patch makes it yet simpler:

     def __format__(self, format_spec):
         assert format_spec == ''
         return str(self)

This is equivalent to the previous form except obscure case when str() returns not exact str, but strict subclass with overridden __format__.

The benefit of this change is simpler semantical model of the default implementation.

See the start of the discussion in issue28385 and the discussion on Python-Dev:
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