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Date 2016-12-13.08:01:15
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I ran into this bug through Thrift-generated exception classes (also reported there as

I've added a few potential solutions:
- issue28603-listset.patch turns the seen set into a list if hashing fails. However, this adds a lot of complexity, especially in C, and because seen is changed halfway through the recursion, we may end up showing an exception twice.
- issue28603-list.patch uses a list instead of a set for seen. This is theoretically slower, but in practice it seems unlikely that exception __cause__ and __context__ would nest deep enough for this to be an issue.
- issue28603-ignore.patch takes a similar approach to Trundle's patch and just gives up when the value is not hashable. This means we lose cause/context information for these exceptions.

I prefer issue28603-list.patch.
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