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Date 2016-12-11.01:05:59
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Julien, to help push these changes forward, I suggest start by rebasing and reviewing the conglomerate patch, since it seems that was almost ready.

Reading through the thread, it seems the current status is:

1. _crypt module handled elsewhere by Antoine

2. type, list, and float objects, the resource module, and Python/marshal.c are done by Vajrasky, in part of the conglomerate v4 patch. Zach said they look good, but wanted a second opinion from someone with good C knowledge. Check if Zach’s minor comments for float object and resource module were dealt with.

3. long object and gc module were updated by Vajrasky since last review, so probably need to check if there are any outstanding problems with them.

4. _bisect module by Julien via Issue 28754

5. Victor made a change to Python/_warnings.c, but there may be more to do

6. Not yet handled: Objects/exceptions.c, _thread, _bz2, nis modules.
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