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Date 2016-12-07.23:03:09
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I ran with Python 3.6.0rc1 (default, Dec  7 2016, 14:00:51) and get the same errors in both NumPy 1.13.0-dev and 1.12. But I gave you a wrong suggestion, we disable some test errors for releases, which is what is on PyPI, and that is doubtless why you don't see them. My fault, and I apologize. You will probably need to clone the github repo ( and do a `python3.6` in the master branch to see the problem. 

I'm suspecting the problem needs to be fixed on the numpy end, but need to know what the changes were made to get an idea of a fix. We do some odd stuff with the warnings queue in order to make sure no warnings are inadvertently disabled in the tests.
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