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Author mdk
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Date 2016-12-05.21:59:04
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I found a way to fix it, but as I'm just discovering cpython internals, I'm not sure it's the right way, review are very welcome.

I fixed it this way because:

The bytecode generated for "proxy.x = 0" (a STORE_ATTR) will call a
PyObject_SetAttr with FooProxy which will soon execute the __setattr__ of Meta, itself calling a PyObject_SetAttr with Foo.

The actual attribute setting is done from the PyObject_SetAttr with Foo (calling in turn type_setattro, and so on), but it's already too late to invalidate the FooProxy type: we no longer have a reference on it and can't guess that FooProxy delegated __setattr__ to Foo.

So the only place when we can invalidate correctly is in the first call of PyObject_SetAttr when we know on which type the attribute will be set, and it make sense: It does not matter what a __setattr__ does and how it does it: invalidation should happen for this attribute on the current type, so invalidating here seems logic.

I did not yet took the time to measure performance loss induced with this patch.

With the patch:

./python -i
>>> proxy.x
>>> proxy.x
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