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Author erik.bray
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Date 2016-12-05.10:22:58
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I'm still pretty happy with the previous patch, personally, since I don't need the tracemalloc module.  But it seems like that should be fixed (or if nothing else that code in _tracemalloc.c should check Py_HAVE_NATIVE_TLS too).

I like the idea of the new PyThread_tss_ API.  At first I wasn't sure because I thought you implied that it would use tss_t and related APIs from C11 which was going to be a non-starter (as CPython has only just barely started using *some* features from C99, per the recent update to PEP 7).  But I see in your patch that the naming is only inspired by C11 (and could be consistent with it if CPython ever moves toward C11 support).

I imagine this will likely require a PEP though?  I would happy to help draft one.
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