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Here is a patch that makes all Doc/library/datetime.rst doctests pass. The tests only pass with Python 3.6 and 3.7 (the optional ``timespec`` argument of ``datetime.isoformat()`` has been introduced in Python 3.6).

To apply the patch you should agree with issue 28863. In particular, to make the patch effective, as explained in issue 28863, you should:

* apply the Doc/ patch of issue 28863.
* rename Doc/includes/ to Doc/includes/

About the Raymond disappointment expressed in #10225, I see two ways to make both Raymond happy and the code examples tested. For the examples included from Doc/includes, using the ``literalinclude`` Sphinx directive, we can just add the Doc/includes path in Doc/ (see issue 28863). At this point we can import them in the shell code examples (or in the ``setupcode``). In the datetime.rst.patch in attachment, I make use of this solution. Another option, for short snippets of code, not included from Doc/includes, is to use the ``testcode`` Sphinx directive.
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