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Date 2016-12-03.14:50:44
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Looks like it fell off everyone's radar.    It is now also too late in the 3.6 release cycle: it isn't "release critical" in the sense of being a breaking regression from 3.5, so it is not likely to get in.

Keep in mind that this is a distributed, mostly volunteer community.  Clearly no one else thought it was a release blocker, but you have presented a case for making it so.  I haven't evaluated that case; I'm leaving that to the windows devs.  Having your input a few weeks ago would have made it more likely to get in to 3.6, regardless of whether or not anyone else thought it was a release blocker.

And please check back after the 3.6 release, and advocate for getting it in to the next release of both 3.5 and 3.6.
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