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The last message on this thread was in January, and this item is Open. According to Pep 478, 3.5.2 final was released Sunday, June 26, 2016.

How is this issue not a release blocker?

Why does there appear to be no urgency in fixing this bug?

This bug bites for 64-bit versions of Python 3. When it bit, it caused Leo to crash during startup. When it bit, it was reason to recommend Python 2 over Python 3.

I have just released an ugly workaround in Leo. So now Leo itself can start up, but there is no guarantee that user plugins and scripts will work.

Imo, no future version of Python 3 should go out the door until this bug is fixed, for sure, and for all time. If you want people to use Python 3, it can NOT have this kind of bug in it.
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