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Date 2016-12-02.15:46:44
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This step here is likely to be causing you problems:

Because the original class namespace isn't being passed up to type.__new__, it isn't seeing the `__classcell__` reference it needs in order to populate the automatic reference correctly. Copying that over the same way you're already copying `__module__` should get things working again with 3.6.0b4.

However, given that we have a least one in-the-wild example of this causing problems, I think the right thing to do on the CPython side is to restore the old behaviour where the cell reference is returned from the class creation closure, but issue a deprecation warning if it hasn't already been set by type.__new__.

We're also going to need to document `__classcell__`, as we didn't account for the type-subclass-passing-a-different-namespace-to-the-parent-method scenario when initially deciding we could treat it as a hidden implementation detail.
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